Monday, October 20, 2008

as if being 12 3/4 isn't bad enough, my mother is running for president! by Donna Gephart

This book is a great book for girls who sophisticated 5th graders up through middle school. The bond between mother and daughter in this book also makes it a wonderful book for moms and their daughters to read together.

Vanessa Rothrock is like most almost 13 year olds. She often feels self-conscience and awkward. She has a crush on the cool kid in school. She worries about her appearance. She also worries about being accepted at school. Of course being the governor's daughter doesn't seem to help. The worst part of it all, is now Vanessa's mother is running for president and will most likely win her party's nomination!

Feeling left out of her mother's increasingly busy life, Vanessa struggles with being proud of her mom and trying to keep her at home. Since her father's death, Vanessa worries about safety and doesn't believe Secret Service can keep her mom safe. The mysterious letters she is receiving in her locker only scare Vanessa more.

This book is full of mystery, excitement, spelling (Vanessa is competing to win the National Spelling Bee), friendships, politics, and the love of mothers and daughters.